Things To Keep in Mind About Home Health Care

No one wants to face growing old and losing one’s ability to perform the daily actions needed to run their life. In the same way no one wants to be controlled when they are young by their parents. As humans, we enjoy our freedom and absolutely all the advantages it brings us. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you provided for yourself. Unfortunately, with age, your body becomes more susceptible to a range of medical problems, and performing your daily routine may easily be the first thing affected when these problems strike. For that reason, when it strikes, you are going to want the help, which means home health care might be your best chance for maintaining a routine and getting the help you are in need of.Of course, some people are particular about the kinds of symptoms they have taken on.They think that a home health care specialist will not be qualified to actually undertake the chore of helping them. Or perhaps they will not have an expertise in the field of health they are in such need over.While that is a realistic concern, there are new reasons to let it wash away. For example, many people think home health care and they think someone just popping in to make sure you have taken your pills. However, there is a whole range of options home health care provides.For example, while your caregiver may do wonders in helping you through daily tasks like brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, or cooking and cleaning, many have other specifications that make them so ideal. For another example, there are many with extensive backgrounds in physical or occupational therapy, giving you a regiment of exercises you can do on your own, and under their support to help improve the way you move around your house or just something as basic as your dexterity!Additionally, they are often able to provide wonderful speech therapy, making sure your memory stays as sharp as it is able and that you do not use your ways of annunciation or words all together.However, what is actually the most important thing to remember about seeking out care?It is that your home health care provider is that you find a person who is going to be compatible with you. In the end, this is someone who is going to be around a lot, and you will need to know that you feel comfortable, or excited about the prospect of them coming around and not anxious or worried. Odds are that as long as you have that your experience is going to be better than you had even anticipated it being. Of course, do not take our word for it. If you really need the help, get out there and find out what it is all about. Although, if we were in your shoes, we would say that you should think about doing it sooner or later, because you never know the many, many ways that the world of aging is going to try and strike you down.

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Home Health Care: Choose Wisely

Many people don’t think about it until it’s too late, but home health care is something that you should consider before hospitals or nursing homes become your only option. Realistically, wouldn’t you want your children to keep you around after you are unable to take care of yourself, in the comfort of your own home?If you have not run across the idea of home health care yet in your travels, it combines the best of many worlds of care. The same quality of care a patient would get in a hospital is transferred to a private residence, where the patient is the sole focus of a trained professional on hand.The person will be trained in many basic and advanced parts of the treatment process, including having knowledge of nutrition, IV’s, patient and caregiver processes, occupational and dietary therapy, and a consistent knowledge of anything medically related that specific person needs to be health and safe in the home environment.If medical agencies are smart, they always have an arm of their service that includes the ability of their staff to go on home health care assignments. This is because is can be beneficial to all parties involved, as the correct utilization of resources saves everyone time and money, and people use that to their advantage.If you are worried about certain conditions for your parent, here are some things that home health care deals with as well – helping them eat and drink properly, basic cooking and cleaning, checking temperature and breathing, if they need assistance getting into and out of bed, if they need a helping hand with things like bathing or using the bathroom.One of the first things that you should discuss is the plan of care. That is a document that details all of the daily, short term, and long term aspects of the care, from who is going to take care of what, to the types of medical equipment that needs to be on hand, to deciding which treatments are going to take how long and when results should be seen.Staff should always be determined to improve their service as well. If you have noticed that your home health care provided has become lazy or does not take as much interest in the client as they should, you should immediately start shopping around for a better place to hire from. Improvement is always the key.It’s not an easy decision sending a loved one to a hospital or nursing home, so make the right choice and instead have the hospital come to you. The service can be excellent, and you’ll feel more connected instead of guilty as time goes by and your parents are still happy.

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Investing in Los Angeles County Commercial Property

Tony: How long have you been involved in the real estate industry?Bill: I have been involved in the real estate industry for over 15 years. I began my career as a retail leasing specialist for Jon Douglas Commercial brokerage in West LA. I moved on to become a Site Acquisition/Project Manager for AT&T and Sprint in building out their cellular networks. I then went on to become a Financial Analyst for a real estate hedge fund based in Hong Kong. I also have experience as a single family residential developer with projects on the east coast. I have been in my current position for over a year.Tony: What is your current focus?Bill: Currently I’m an Investment Consultant with DC Commercial Inc, in Century City. I specialize in the shopping center and office market segments with a particular focus on the Mid-Wilshire, Hollywood, downtown LA, and West LA submarkets. I also have experience with the multi-family market place.Tony: It has been my observation that the peak year for residential sales in the South Bay was 2002, but that the peak year for average sales prices came later in 2007. Once the credit market crunch hit, the number of homes selling and their price points dropped off quite a bit. Has there been a similar pattern in the commercial space?Bill: The commercial real estate market peaked in the 3rd qtr of 2007. As with the residential market place, very loose lending standards along with lax oversight resulted in many loans being originated that should have never been made. Many of these loans were the direct result of the commercial real estate market being securitized. The evolution of the commercial backed mortgage security industry created a market where by commercial loans could be made and then sliced up into marketable securities that could be sold to investors through the capital markets. As such, banks were not required to carry these loans on their balance sheets since they could sell the loans to the Wall Street syndicators who would package them up and then sell off pieces as securities that were sold to many individual investors. These instruments functioned much like corporate bonds in that they paid an annual interest rate. Instead of the securities being guaranteed and backed by the assets of a corporation, they were backed by 1st lien position that the mortgages would have on the real estate property. Since the banks did not have to carry these loans on their books, the underwriting standards used were very loose and in many cases reckless. Policies such as interest only, Loan to Value ratios in excess of 90 percent, overly aggressive assumptions regarding future rents and values, and non-recourse were widely used and implemented.Tony: Can you put this into a broader context for us?Bill: These policies combined with the worst recession in decades have significantly affected the commercial real estate market place. In many instances prices have fallen 50 percent since the 2007 peak. In Los Angeles County, deal volume was off 85 percent in 2009 compared with 2007. Rental rates for all asset classes are declining and vacancies are rising. For instance, in the west Los Angeles sub market, one of the region’s biggest and most desirable, the vacancy rate has tumbled from 13.6 percent in 3rd qtr of 2008 to over 22 percent in the 3rd qtr of 2009. Rental rates have dropped over 10 percent from an annual average rate of $47.63 to $42.47. In other less desirable areas, the resulting deterioration has been even greater. In many instances, the loan balances are higher than what the prices are currently worth.Tony: What will it take economically or politically for the Retail and Office segments to turn the corner?Bill: The road back will be a long and difficult. It is estimated that there are $ 2 trillion dollars of commercial mortgages that will be need to be refinanced in the next two years. There are estimates that only 35 percent of these loans will be able to be renewed. This will mean that the banks will be foreclosing on the properties and as a result flooding the market with additional inventory. Since the banks do not want to carry non-performing assets on their balance sheets, they will price the assets to sell, which in turn will further depress values.Tony: If you were to take a guess when this might happen, what would your guess be?Bill: Moving forward, the biggest catalyst to a recovering market will depend greatly on the economic landscape, particularly as it relates to employment and job creation. The unemployment rate directly impacts both the Office and Retail segments substantially. If people are being laid off, companies do not need as much office space which results in lower demand, higher vacancies and lower rental rates. Likewise, if people are being laid off, they do not spend as much on shopping which hurts retailers and in many cases puts them out of business. This results in retail vacancies. Some good examples of recent retail failures include Circuit City, Mervyn’s and Linen & Things. In addition, an improvement in the lending environment will also be a contributing factor to any recovering. The pendulum has swung 180 degrees as it relates to lending standards. The lax standard of a few years ago has been replaced by overly restrictive policies which in many instances makes obtaining a loan nearly impossible. The U.S. Government bail out of many financial institutions was supposed to provide liquidity to the banks so that they could go about the business of lending. In many cases, these banks have been hoarding the funds. We need to see the banks start making loans with more favorable terms.Tony: Is there anything more that you would like to add?Bill: As mentioned above, there are numerous factors which will contribute to the recovery in the commercial real estate market. A lot will depend on the economy and job picture. The lending environment will be an important driver as well. The situation with the upcoming refinancing of such a large pool of loans will be a factor as well. It is my opinion that there should be some type of program put in place similar to the RTC in the early 1990′s where by all non-performing assets are grouped together under one entity and priced to sell. This would allow the banks to “clean up” their balance sheets and resume lending since they would not have to worry about setting funds aside to cover or offset the problem loans. This would also establish a “floor” in the market which auction style pricing would establish which in turn would give investors, which there are many on the sidelines, the confidence to invest in commercial real estate without the threat of a looming tidal wave of foreclosures to hit the market in one, two or three years. It would establish “certainty” which all investors want.As far as timing goes, it is hard to pinpoint when things will recover. Commercial real estate cycles tend to be years in the making. The last severe real estate recession, 1990-1992, did not see a recovery until 1997. That said, for patient investors, this is one of the best times to be buying commercial assets with the caveat that an investor has to have a five to seven year time horizon. In addition, it is my opinion that the interest rate environment will never again be this favorable. Inflation and higher interest rates sooner rather than later is a guarantee. Thus taking advantage of interest rates in the 6 percent range is going to prove to be a very wise decision by savvy investors.

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Commercial Hard Money Loan – An Honest Review

A Commercial Hard Money Loan isn’t for everyone. But it could be a viable solution for someone that can’t get an everyday traditional Real Estate Loan. Of course with this type of loan Real Estate is always the collateral, with no exceptions. If for some reason the buyer defaults on the payments, the bank can repossess the property in due course of course, no pun intended.The basic inference of the various types of Commercial Loans can also be defined as Sub-Prime Lending, Near Prime, B-Paper or Second Chance lending options.So seriously would someone take out a Commercial Hard Money Loan verses a standard Commercial Loan? It’s because there are determining factors such as Slight Credit Score, Enterprise Stability, proven absolute Income Level that would curb someone from getting traditional money financing or custom rates, so the defaulter in these cases will compromise for what they can get.Some companies have a lowest amount they will lend you when helping you get a Commercial Hard Money Loan. The companies we have researched start out at $300,000 and go up into the millions for Commercial Real Estate Properties.There are also what they call Mezzanine Loans which is a loan that’s paid back behind the sale or refinance of the Commercial Property. It’s possible for a lender to secure a portion of the proceeds upon sale of the Hard Loan debt. These loans tend to have suitable structures such as good debt and equity ratios.There’s also a Financial Loan called a Hard Money Bridge Loan. These types of Money Financing solutions are usually temporary until a more permanent solution comes into play. These are used when time is of the essence, when a business move needs to be made quickly to acquire a property. There are no upper limits on this type of loan, and the qualification requirements usually remain the same.There are also Hard Money Construction Loans, which is another distinctive Money Financing option that can be applied to for limited home projects to larger Commercial Property projects such as the development of a strip mall or tract home development project. In most cases for construction projects there is a reserve account setup to make sure that money is allocated properly as the project keeps moving forward.A Commercial Hard Money Loan is typically used in both Urban & Suburban areas. The current Prime Rates are from 11 – 16% verses the 6-7% for a standard loan. Usually all associated Points & Fees are included in the loan and payments from these are dispursed upon closing the loan. Also note these are Short Term Real Estate Loans that are usually given from 1-3 years.It is always comforting to know that there is big money available to you when you need it in the form of a Commercial Hard Money Loan. This article went over the main types of loans and how they can benefit you. However beware of the common Predatory Lenders that lurk in this industry. Expect to pay 11-17% for a Real Estate Loan like this. If you are asked to pay anymore more, imho you are being taken to the cleaners. So before you jump into anything like this, just do your research and you should come out okay.

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Commercial Mortgage Loan

A commercial mortgage loan, as the name suggests is taken for bettering commercial gains. Such a loan has a wide variety of uses ranging from business expansion to buying of commercial properties or even for starting a business.Commercial mortgage loans are a great help for all businessmen, especially those who are in the phase of business expansion or even starting out afresh. Business mortgage loans are also availed by those who don’t have enough finances to buy a new property or indulge in new developmental & constructional activities. With such a type of commercial mortgage finance you can buy business complexes, retail outlets, office buildings, etc.For availing such a loan usually the property you are buying is kept as collateral till the repayment of the loan amount. In such cases the credit value or the equity of your commercial property is of more importance than your own credit record.Apart from the fact that foreclosure of property is a fact that looms large over business mortgage loan, there are many advantages to such a loan. The interest rate charged here is low and mostly accompanies flexible repayment options. Before you take a loan, plan out the details as to why the loan is required or what development or repair or improvement work is to be done. Such details will be required for sanctioning the business mortgages loan.The size and repayment details of your commercial mortgage loan will largely depend upon the size of your firm and the proportion of money required.We feature here certain advantages and disadvantages of a commercial mortgages loan:* The interest payment on such a loan is tax-deductible. The repayments can be made with pre-tax a fund, which gives you a tax break.* In a business mortgage refinance you can retain hold of full ownership of the property. Rules state that the lender can claim an interest return only on the mortgage and not on the percentage of the ownership.* With flexible repayment schedules you can easily manage your finances efficiently and plan them accordingly.* One can maintain a smooth cash flow with a well planned commercial mortgage financing. Lower up-front payments help make the capital accessible.* The biggest disadvantage of a commercial property loans is the foreclosure of the property in case of non-payment* Default penalties are also applicable in case of missing a payment or bankruptcyMost commercial mortgage lenders look for the Loan-To-Value Ratio apart from the credit score. A broker for a commercial loan mortgage will also assess your financial condition and the equity of the property. Some lenders ask for a down payment of 20 percent of the purchase price. Commercial real estate loans have varying tenures with averages from about 10 – 30.The availability of hundreds of commercial mortgage loan online and also in traditional forms adds to the complexity of finding a proper commercial mortgage rate as well as a broker / advisor who can take you through the process smoothly and guide you to obtain a commercial mortgage loan. One must therefore exercise caution in finding the perfect commercial mortgage.

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