Digital Photography Review – Digital Photo Directory of the Photographers

The advent of digital photography, finding good artwork to illustrate our projects, was difficult and expensive. In the case of Web pages, even some agencies charged with “page views”, to convert some projects unvisitable due to high cost and uncertain of the photographs.But with digital photography, any fan with a good memory card can make hundreds of photographs at no cost. So unless we require a photograph of a particular product, a work of art in a museum or want the photo of a famous model, it’s likely that we can find hundreds of photographs online perfect for our needs and at no cost. The issue is learning to find them.a) allow its use for commercial purposes and the performance of new works from them.1 .- The morgue file. In “the morgue” in addition to navigate through categories and have an advanced search, we also have a directory of photographers and access to more frequent searches. All photos are “public domain”, can be used even for commercial use without even having to quote the author, although it is considered tasteful do, which does not mean that one can be attributed authorship of the same. The only restrictions are on resale, are not allowed to resell or redistribute the photographs.2 .- Pixel perfect digital. It is a directory smaller than the previous ones but the quality of its images as offsets. It also has a gallery by categories and a good search. Since a few months ago, sent a newsletter to notify while for the arrival of new images. It really deserves to be a return because you have many photographs oriented products isolated. The restrictions are the same as above: We do not allow the redistribution of photographs.3 .- Image after. It offers, in addition to the photographs, a good directory of textures. In this case the only restriction that made use of their material is that do not allow the redistribution of the same online, but in print.

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Photo to Art

Statistics reveal that the first usage of art is for home display purposes and true to that statement, most of us are constantly looking for new art-based ideas for home d├ęcor. As most of us also look for ideas to personalize our space, through a display of our ideas, hobbies and crafts, we often overlook our most creative possessions: our photographs. In this article, we will list out the top ways of converting your photos to art.Creative photographyPerhaps the most common way of converting photo to art, is through creative photography. This means that special care needs to be taken when your photo is shot. If you are not an expert yourself, you may like to hire the services of a creative photographer who can then capture shots that are timeless and would make great displays.SketchingPhoto art in sketch style is another creative idea. You can hire a local artist to sketch your portrait. However, this is usually time taking, expensive and there are no previews or re-do’s involved in that price. Alternatively, you can hire services of art studios that will create sketches out of your favorite photograph. You can choose the background, and also the colour of the sketching ink. Moreover, you can ask for many previews till you obtain the design you desire.Pop art from photosAnother way of converting photos to art is by using popular pop art options. You can thus make a photo portrait that is inspired by artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, Blek le Rat, Banksy, Pixnit or even Fairey. While some free software can help you with this, if you want to create a timeless portrait that looks great, it is always better to hire the services of professional pop art studios. Unlike pop art artists who charge large amounts for creating pop art variations, the studio charges much lesser. Moreover, you get to choose from many options in design and print. Finally, you can opt for sizes, materials and gift articles to print on too.Photos to art collageConverting not one, but many photos to an interesting collage is another growing idea in today’s community. However the approach to designing such collages has become different. People now send a bunch of digital photos to the designer, who then puts them together in creative ways and then takes a digital print. Pop art artists who today influence the collage world, include Piet Mondrian, Richard Hamilton and other artists. Some styles you can look out for in collages include patch collage, polygon style and crystallized collage variations.Our homes are the worlds we create for ourselves. We try to beautify them with things from across the world. And with all that, we also try to put in a little bit of ourselves, to make the house our home. Photo to art options work great in this regard. While here, we’ve just brought up a few ideas that help you make your space strongly personalized, in the next article, we promise to bring in more ideas.Until then, happy designing!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Organizing a Church Fundraising Event Successfully

Organizing a church fundraising event can be very rewarding indeed provided everything is planned carefully and maximum people participate at the event, making liberal contributions both monetarily and in kind. However, given the scale of a normal fundraiser under a church’s banner it is in no way possible for a single person or a group of people to organize it without taking the help of a comprehensive tech solution. A software application such as the event registration software automates all the back-end procedures of event management making the fundraiser a huge success.How to organize a church fundraising event using the event registration software?Create an online event registration form: A fundraiser gives everyone the opportunity to donate handsomely for the church; the funds eventually are given back to the society. So, everyone who is a member of a church or even those from outside try to attend it in order to make meaningful contributions from their end. To get so many people registered manually for the event is not at all an easy task. It is better handled online via an event registration form.The members of the fundraising committee can create an online registration form using the templates of the software application and make it available on the internet immediately. Then, everyone can access it 24/7 and sign up through it whenever it is convenient for them.Provide online payment options:Payment collection is the most important part of a church fundraising event. To make it systematic and thoroughly secure, organizers can take the help of the online payment management solution. The system supports many secure online and offline payment gateways via which attendees can send in their registration fees using their credit cards. To help them through a smooth monetary transaction, the software enables the organizers to monitor the process in real-time. This level of facilitation further enhances participation of people from all quarters.Promote the church fundraising event across social media:To get maximum response for the fundraiser and increase online registrations, organizers can promote it across popular social networking sites. The event registration software provides a powerful social media connector through which they can publish fundraiser related news from the event dashboard directly to the social media sites. The connector comes at a nominal fee.Raise funds online:The software provides many innovative donation collection tools that can be used by church authorities to raise funds online. They can launch silent auctions within a convenient web interface, upload video clippings of previous charity events, or share their campaigns on third party sites to reach out to a wider target audience. Online charity auctions have been found to be highly effective in raising considerable funds towards social causes.To analyze the overall effectiveness of the fundraiser it is important to conduct real-time or post-event surveys. The event registration software provides a survey generation tool to do that easily. Once that is done, reports can be created using the custom reporting tool of the event registration software.

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